No Sales Tax on Food or Water
Kansas is one of only seven states in the entire United States that taxes food without a reduced rate or no rate at all. Kansas actually has one of the highest tax rates on food in the entire United States. Missouri, Nebraska, and Colorado have a reduced tax rate on food. Oregon and Montana have no tax on food. Having some of the highest sales tax on food in the nation is a burden on everyone. It's time to get rid of sales tax on food and water!
The Kansas Gas Tax is too Damn High
Kansans are currently taxed 24.03 cents per gallon. When federal excise taxes is added in, each Kansan driver is paying 42.43 cents per gallon. The state loses money to Missouri due to their Gas Tax being lower. Sometimes people on the Eastern border go out of their way and travel to Missouri to get gas. We need to reduce the Gas Tax in Kansas!
Legalize Cannabis and Hemp to Help Fund Schools and Roads
Funding education in Kansas is in dire straits and of utmost importance. Instead of increasing the income tax of hard working Kansans, raising revenue from an immediate cash infusion the state currently does not have would relieve overburdening government debt. In 2016, cannabis tax revenue totaled $256 million in Washington and $200 million in Colorado. Forbes reported "more than 25,000 products can be made from hemp." It's time to legalize cannabis and hemp to fund schools and roads.
Tax Cuts to Farmers, Ranchers and Everyone Working to Conserve the Ogallala Aquifer
The Ogallala Aquifer is the largest aquifer in the United States. It stretches from western Texas to South Dakota and supports nearly one-fifth of the wheat, corn, cotton and cattle produced in the United States. Kansas should reward people for implementing technology and trying to conserve the Ogallala Aquifer. Learn more about the Ogallala Aquifer here.
Constitutional Amendment to Prevent Unfair Valuations of Property to Increase Taxes
Currently, residents across the entire state of Kansas are seeing unfair tax increases on their private property! Counties are giving unrealistic increases of home values so that the county and state can collect more taxes than they should. This needs to stop!
Constitutional Amendment to Allow for Statewide Ballot Initiatives
Kansas recently passed a law that allows chicken houses to be developed within 100 feet of a neighbor’s property. The law is being opposed by the people of Tonganoxie because the people of Tongie do not want Tyson to build a chicken farm in their city or surrounding cities. The negative health and environmental consequences outweigh the economic benefits. If the law passes, a giant corporation would be allowed to raise 300,000 chickens within 100 feet of a neighbor's property line. Tyson has yet to properly demonstrate they are capable of containing the amount of pollution generated from raising that many chickens in one area. The people of Kansas have the right to petition its government if the politicians are not governing in the best interest of the people! 
End Civil Asset Forfeiture
This issue is supported by both Republican and Democratic representatives in Topeka. Civil Asset Forfeiture is when a police officer confiscates private property because the property is believed to have been obtained from criminal activity. Kansas is currently attempting to reform Civil Asset Forfeiture, I want to abolish it!
Work with Governors in the Region to Abolish Daylight Saving Time
Studies link Daylight Saving Time to an increase in health problems. The overall rate for strokes increases 8% within the two days following Daylight Saving Time. According to a 2012 study at the University of Alabama Birmingham, the Monday and Tuesday after Daylight Saving Time in the spring saw an increase of 10% more heart attacks. It is necessary to work with all governors in the region to repeal Daylight Saving Time so that the state of Kansas is not out of whack with surrounding states. Furthermore, the economic outcome of Daylight Saving Time is actually negative. Time reported, "A study out from JPMorgan Chase Institute found that the switch back to standard time is associated with a drop in spending between 2.2% and 4.9%, depending on where you live."
Tax-Exempt Tips for the Service Industry
Tips usually comprise most of the wage for waiters, waitresses, and individuals in the service industry. Allowing for tips to be tax exempt allows for these workers to save more money to put toward education, starting a new business or buying a new house. Allowing service industry workers the ability to have more of their money will make Kansas stronger!
Regain Control of the National Guard and Bring Them Back from Overseas
The National Guard serves a dual role. Most of the time the Governor is in control; however, the President can place the National Guard under federal power. Kansas National Guard has been called to serve in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, and many other countries. There are still Kansas National Guardsmen overseas fighting in Afghanistan and placed across the globe. It’s time to bring the National Guard back home to Kansas!